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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Nothing is more traumatic than a serious injury or a wrongful death, especially when it’s caused by the negligence of another. Injuries can interrupt your life, drain your savings, impact your job, and create an uncertain future. The wrongful death of a loved one is simply devastating and can leave you grieving and angry. Let us help you navigate through the emotions and seek justice on your behalf.

Personal Injury

When you let us know that you have been injured, we move quickly to meet with you personally and begin the process of protecting your rights. Getting the responsible parties and their insurance carriers on notice is a priority, as is investigating your case and gathering evidence. While you devote yourself to treatment and healing, we gather your medical records and bills, working closely with your health providers to ensure we can recover all of the medical expenses you are being forced to incur. We also look at the bigger picture you are facing – lost wages, long-term disability, financial stress, loss of enjoyment of life and family – and work to maximize the amount of compensation you are due as a result of your injury. Our attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies to obtain the true value of your injury claim, and if an impasse is reached, will not hesitate to bring your case to a jury to let them decide what is fair. Decisive action, comprehensive analysis, and focused follow-through are the hallmarks of your Miller Bonham team – let us be your champions while you rest and recover.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a tragedy almost beyond measure. We can’t even begin to imagine the pain and grief you are feeling, but we can help lift some of the burden off of your shoulders. At Miller Bonham, our compassionate team will move quickly to investigate the loss. We have access to top-flight experts skilled in fire investigation, engineering fault analysis, and accident reconstruction, and we will work closely with law enforcement, the county solicitor’s office, and the medical examiner’s office to safeguard evidence and fortify the case against the responsible party. We will offer guidance and support as you begin probating your loved one’s estate. If the case requires it, we will hire an experienced economist whose financial analysis of the full value of your loved one’s life will project the future loss of income you might be facing due to the wrongful death. We will gather all medical records and bills as well as funeral expenses, do everything in our power to forestall collection attempts by your loved one’s creditors, and communicate with life insurance carriers and pension fund holders. Once we have a comprehensive picture of all you have lost due to the wrongful death, it then becomes our job to fight for a full economic recovery on behalf of your deceased love one, giving you a chance to begin healing from the emotional trauma. Let us be your silent partner in grief and your vocal advocate in court. In that way, perhaps we can make inroads into preventing such a tragedy from happening to anyone else.

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