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Early intervention is the key to recovering subrogation dollars. At Miller Bonham, it’s our specialty. Arriving promptly at the scene and gathering critical information, getting the right parties on notice of a loss, ensuring that evidence is protected and analyzed – we know that it’s efforts like these that maximize recovery for you. Our attorneys are unique in that they are as comfortable leading the charge at a fire scene or in a laboratory examination as they are in a courtroom. Our expertise in fire and accident investigation, causation theories, and fault analysis provides an unrivaled foundation when it comes to complex loss litigation. We also have access to a network of skilled experts at the ready to support us in analyzing your loss and advocating in court when the loss warrants it.

We understand that subrogation for you as an insurer not only involves the recovery of what is rightfully yours, but also represents a major profit center for your business. At Miller Bonham, we make every effort to maximize your profit by giving each claim, big or small, the attention it deserves. And we persevere – we regularly take subrogation cases to trial in both the state and federal court systems, and have received numerous jury verdicts, including six- and seven-figure awards. We generally work on a contingency-fee basis, but we can also provide you hourly services for smaller efforts. Subrogation is not a sideline for us; rather, it is a keystone of our practice.

Whether you have a property damage claim ready to pursue or are simply seeking advice on whether a loss has subrogation potential, we stand ready to assist. Our staff is versatile and can adapt to your reporting systems and on-line claim management programs, becoming a seamless member of your team. We also work closely with your insureds, providing them another level of customer service that reflects on you as a carrier, helping you retain your customers. When we can recover subrogation dollars for you and a deductible for your insured, it’s a win-win situation. Let Miller Bonham help you make that happen.

Construction Defects

Georgia has a rather complex statutory scheme in place for handling contractor liability claims. Without proper adherance to these statutes, construction defect claims can be lost even before the investigation gets underway! Miller Bonham is well-versed in the handling of these claims, and has handled a wide variety of fire and water subrogation claims which stem from the improper construction of commercial and residential properties.

Vehicle Fires

Fires which occur as a result of vehicle defects not only pose a significant risk to occupants of the vehicle, and the vehicles themselves, but often cause serious damage to surrounding property. Miller Bonham has been at the forefront of claims-handling for fires which occur due to manufacturing and/or design defects in vehicles produced by several well-known vehicle manufacturers. With our access to an extensive database of experts who focus on vehicle fires, Miller Bonham is well positioned to maximize the recovery of subro dollars on claims stemming from this unique type of loss.

Frozen Pipe Claims

Freeze failure claims really aren’t as simple as they look! Did the plumbing supply line fail due to freezing temperatures or due to some defect in the pipe itself? Perhaps it was a combination of factors which led to the failure? Despite Georgia’s relatively temperate climate, Miller Bonham has extensive experience in the handling of flood claims which stem from the failure to properly insulate and protect water supply lines. With our access to some of the best engineers and metallurgists in the country, Miller Bonham can assist you in establishing the mechanism of failure with respect to these losses, and make sure that you are maximizing your recovery of subro dollars.

Fireplace System Failures

Over the years, Miller Bonham has handled numerous claims stemming from the improper installation and maintenance of fireplace systems in homes throughout the Southeast. Recently, we successfully litigated a fireplace system installation negligence claim which culminated in a 3.6 million dollar jury verdict in favor of one of our subrogation clients. The verdict was purportedly the largest of its kind in the Southeast for this particular carrier.

Structure Collapse Claims

There are few loss investigations which can be more problematic than large structure collapse claims. The construction of commercial buildings requires input from a myriad of contractors who must work closely with the other contractors on the project to ensure that the finished project is proper and safe. When these buildings collapse, it is often difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of the failure, and identify the entities responsible for the loss. Through the assistance of highly-trained experts, Miller Bonham can coordinate the investigation of these losses, and let the insurance claims handler focus on getting the insured back on its feet. We have handled numerous large building collapse claims, including claims stemming from the collapse of a large parking garage in the heart of midtown Atlanta.

Fire Suppression Systems

Building Codes and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) identify numerous types of fire suppression systems which can be utilized in various residential and commercial structures. Determining how and why these systems fail takes skill and expertise. At Miller Bonham, we have handled suppression system failures in both large and small buildings, and in commercial and residential structures. Through the assistance of highly-trained experts, we can lead the charge in identifying the circumstances surrounding these failures, and assist you in recovering the Subro dollars to which you are entitled!

Product Defects

Georgia abides by a consumer-friendly product liability statute which we have used to good effect in our handling of product defect claims in Georgia and the Southeast. Miller Bonham has handled product defect claims involving everything from dryer fires and vehicle defects, to electric blanket and hot tub fires. Miller Bonham has also served as local counsel for many national firms which handle volume-product claims against manufacturers both within and outside the United States.

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